Friday, April 20, 2012

Round 4...Digging deeper into his collection

Here are a few more..

 The look..hotter
The lips, eyes and body..hottest of all

Nice oral pic!
Some guys have this thicker bottom to their cock... FYI: It feels great inside me!

Suggested caption:
"With their quest for the county nude pyramid record falling one body short, the girls of the Women's Naked Auxiliary smile politely and think towards next year's attempt."

My future lovers please take note: See the way he is grabbing her ass? and her hair?
For me this is my favorite position and a near certain instant orgasm!

Hot!!!  She must be an instructor in the Labia Suckling 101 advanced course

Wow! I see why he downloaded this pic... yummy

Such a pure, natural beauty.. 100% sex appeal

I know you guys don't care about his kind of thing....
Fake nails, but sexy French manicure !

I agree 100% for this and many other reasons...

She looks good enough to lick all over... it baby

Very nice tushy :D)

Love her top.. nice boobies too!

Extreme close-up! nice one too 

Should be an ad for shower companies!

Fake boobs, but she's cute! :D)

Love the setting and her sexy body

When we tell you guys we are all "going to the bathroom"
This..... is what we do :D)

Just another fun weekend down at the bike shop!
I bet the motorcycles aren't the only thing that got rode lol

Love her! the hair, the nails, her boobies too :D)

I think this is what most guys probably think about when they have a "maid fantasy"

Hope you enjoy!


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Round 3..Now its getting interesting! :D)

I have to confess...going through all his porn pics so far has been making me very horny!! But it is fun and I have enjoyed it so far, I hope you have too.. Here is today's supplement.

I am detecting a slight "take the fucking picture" vibe from her.. lol

No caption needed !

This is how I am trimming my bush for now...I think its sexy !

Guys...any ideas on what to do with her pony tails? :D)

Nice boobies, sultry look...yea, she's a hottie :D)

You know those staged lesbian ass licking pics, where the models are
clearly not really actually doing it? This.... is not one of those.

Very hot!

Incredibly sexy body and skin tone...

Good career selection..
If I had a tongue like her's.. I would be doing porn too!

Hot body, but the look on her face is well... weird

Great location..and she is so sexy

I have had a few pearl necklaces before, but it was after a nice long titty fuck.. :D)

Couldn't agree more! mmmmm

Oh my gosh, a corset where it's not tightlaced..
She may live to 40! :D)

Super sexy pixie girl ! I love this pic

Suggested caption:
"After paying their past due membership fees and walking out to the I Adore Cock Clubhouse garden, Bill and John enjoy their afternoon with some fresh cock worshiping groupies.." :D)

Adorable and very understated sexiness..

Another very sexy ass!  Put her in a pair of shorts...instant camel toe! :D)

Suggested caption:
"In the sauna, as Jane stared in amazement at Laura's healthy bosom, Laura suddenly exclaimed 'My boobs....are bigger than yours!' "

She is hot I will admit...but please.. Is there anything in this room that is not bleached?!?!
Even her asshole!!! Geesh! :D)

Round 4 coming soon!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Round 2... :D)

Ok I think I am just going to stick with my original approach of just going through his little spank collection and picking images I think are hot..or funny..or just weird

A lot of these pics have several others of the same girl or couple with them, so if you see a pic you like just let me know and I will post more if there are any.

This morning, I have started looking where I left off last time, and I have to say my husband's tastes in sexual material are varied and at this point quite incomprehensible to me !

Ok this is going to sound mean but it was the first thought that popped in my head.. so here it goes...
The girl on the right- got the job.. her
On a more positive note, I would so do a FFF threesome with them both :D)

A proposed caption:
"While Jane and Sally prepared for a session of school bus anal tongue probing, their classmate Lisa quietly read another chapter of Twilight..fingering her pussy, and pretending not to notice."

If her corset was any tighter, she would barf!! But she is sexy...

Ok ...I must confess the dark areola boobs are very hot.
But the cigarette and OJ just sends a mixed message to me.
But I guess in the 1970's who gave a damm right!

Pretty sure these are real... and I know these big hooters
are appealing to most guys but please, she will need back surgery by the time she is 30!!

I have had this look on my face before, so let me translate for you guys :

Proposed caption:
"After fucking Superman and tying him to a bed with Kryptonight,
Wonder Woman moved in on her real target... SUPERGIRL"

WOW ! ok honey, we need to talk... lol
you sure have a TON of animated and CG porn saved...hmmmm

commercial porn..but she is very hot

Ahhhh ha ! little did I know my husband was a closet cuckold all the time! you rascal !! :D)

In my opinion, to comfortably have a cock in your ass, and have another woman licking your pussy is one of the most sublime experiences a woman can ever have.

Ok he has like dozens of pics of this girl...obsess much honey ?????? lol

Cute girl... even cuter bra..
I want one... of each! lol

Not sure all the reasons why...but she really made my pussy get wet.
Or maybe it was that I was rubbing my clit off and on the whole time I edited this picture.
She is yummylicious, as I like to say ! :D)

Funny pic.. the guy behind her is completely oblivious.. yet the grandma to her right clearly knows something is up!!! too funny !

During one of my my first lesbian experiences, we had a MFF threesome
and when we did this to my hubby.. she looked up and asked him:
 "thats everyman's dream isn't it ?"  His reply sounded like complete
 It was quite an experience seeing him fuck her silly later on...but that, as they say, is another story.. this is just bizarre
When he gets up, I am showing him this pic and asking him one simple question:
WHAT THE FUCK?????? lol
My guess is it's either a fake pic, or the next week there was a job posting for a new X-Ray tech lol.

All the right curves in all the right places... just totally sexy

Speaking of every man's dream... and she is very aroused too!
Look at that swollen labia! mmmmm yummy

Exploring a woman's tongue and kissing her is another one of the most erotic and sensual experiences that swinging has afforded me. It also drives him into a rabid dog-like state where I can just about
do anything I want with him, like say hit him in the head with a baseball bat.. and he would just say something like "that's nice baby" lol

The name on the pic says Denise Milani... I call her uniboob... lol