Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Round 6: more hot pics...

Yet another installment of my continued raiding of his porn collection... so without further ado...here we go!  :D)

I love how she uses the tie to frame her boobs and give this one a seductive, business-like element.

Great location... and she does have nice boobs and
some very seductive lips doesn't she guys? lol

"Service with a smile" lol

She is Lina Posada.
Immaculate body... and I absolutely love the very high-end lingerie she has on!

The nipple jewelry is sexy... I am thinking of piercing mine soon. :D)

You men need a little direction sometimes... lol

I love her hair.

What a devilish look she has...so sexy!

Seductive in every way...her nipples make me want to lick them. :D)

Wow! now that is erotic.

Suggested Caption:

"After giving her boyfriend a sloppy blow job, Dolly Parton's evil twin sister Molly prepares herself for a long night on the town."

She has a very nice tushy for a thin girl.

This one is hot!

Pink anyone?
I love the girl on the left :)

Sexy.. and judging by her nipples, very cold there!

Marked as Marianne Gravatte... a hottie.

Amazing location... one day my husband and I will venture to a spot like this for some erotic photography. 

I know what you are thinking...me too
What horrible earrings! :D)

Psssst honey...This whole alien/tentacle sex thing... is really weird!

I love her lingerie.

Now that's what I call the great outdoors. :D)

See you next time!


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Round 5: Centerfolds and big boobies

Another pic update I pulled from his porn collection, many of these are from a folder marked "centerfolds." 

I guess it's ok, because I used to buy Playboy and other soft porn for myself-
and it was definitely not for the articles!

I love her hair..nice boobies too.

What a sexy, naughty look... hot

The first Sunday drive for a newly dating couple...

"James...I just don't see your wallet back here.."
"Oh it's back there Cindy... honest...I swear it...just keep looking!"

very artistic shot...love it

And I thought my labia got really swollen!! I'm seriously impressed...

Several of her..love her lingerie, I think she's very sexy.
Marked as Iryna Ivanova

Another of her..very nice boobies.

Tons of pics of this girl..obsess much honey?? hmmm???
Folder says "Mrs. Penny Baker"
She does have a nice body...
ok...so it's nearly flawless.. I would do her too :D)

Another of Penny...I love the lingerie.

Kimberly McArthur...very sexy body..love her boobies!

He has a bazillion pics of Kimberly too... yawn... ;D)

Marked as Lorraine Michaels.  She is so cute... cute outfit too.
And OMG only 5 pics of her. He must not have liked her much!

Yet another obsession of his apparently...Folder says her name is Patricia Farinelli.
She has nice boobs I will give her that.. probably down to her knees by now :D) lol

 I will admit, she does have a great body.
Hard to keep big boobs and be that thin..trust me, I know!!

Another of his playmate obsessions...Liz Glazowski.  But shockingly he only has a dozen of her. lol
Love the sheer body stocking lingerie! sexy...

Liz again...she looks very hot in this one..
I love the corset/lingerie combo.
And the "oh, please come fuck me" look.

Ok so he has like a thousand centerfold pics, you got it? good...

I am going to move on for now to some other pics.  We'll check back in the centerfold folder later on.

Ok...my knees would be killing me in this position.
I do love how he is spreading her pussy open so wide.
Mmmmm...such a good feeling!

Mmmm... Brings back some nice recent memories for me.
Almost nothing hotter than looking down and seeing another woman looking up as she is licking your pussy!

I know what you are thinking...
Amazing Tile work!! Me too :D)

If his really huge cock was not in her mouth,
she would be smiling right now :D)

Almost forgot this one...Not a big fan of Lindsay Lohan,
But I love how they made her look in this pic.
And she does have sexy and natural boobs.

She is so cute! put her in an elf suit and I would pounce on her! lol

omg you could drive a car through that gap! :D)

Suggested Caption:
"Little did Sally and Jill know it, but instead of arriving on the set for "Creampie Me: Part 6"
they had accidentally shown up for "Night of a Thousand Facials" :P

Ok.... the girl in front is definitely getting the best deal here!

Okay.. schoolgirl outfit..$35
Knee high socks and tennis shoes...$120
Abnormally big pussy and asshole for a girl this thin...priceless

bubble baths rock!
and so does her body :D)

Not sure but looks like Carmen Electra.

More posting in a few days perhaps. Hope you enjoyed this installment. :D)


Friday, April 20, 2012

Round 4...Digging deeper into his collection

Here are a few more..

The hair..hot
 The look..hotter
The lips, eyes and body..hottest of all

Nice oral pic!
Some guys have this thicker bottom to their cock... FYI: It feels great inside me!

Suggested caption:
"With their quest for the county nude pyramid record falling one body short, the girls of the Women's Naked Auxiliary smile politely and think towards next year's attempt."

My future lovers please take note: See the way he is grabbing her ass? and her hair?
For me this is my favorite position and a near certain instant orgasm!

Hot!!!  She must be an instructor in the Labia Suckling 101 advanced course

Wow! I see why he downloaded this pic... yummy

Such a pure, natural beauty.. 100% sex appeal

I know you guys don't care about his kind of thing....
Fake nails, but sexy French manicure !

I agree 100% for this and many other reasons...

She looks good enough to lick all over...

Awesome...love it baby

Very nice tushy :D)

Love her top.. nice boobies too!

Extreme close-up! nice one too 

Should be an ad for shower companies!

Fake boobs, but she's cute! :D)

Love the setting and her sexy body

When we tell you guys we are all "going to the bathroom"
This..... is what we do :D)

Just another fun weekend down at the bike shop!
I bet the motorcycles aren't the only thing that got rode lol

Love her! the hair, the nails, her boobies too :D)

I think this is what most guys probably think about when they have a "maid fantasy"

Hope you enjoy!