Thursday, May 3, 2012

Round 5: Centerfolds and big boobies

Another pic update I pulled from his porn collection, many of these are from a folder marked "centerfolds." 

I guess it's ok, because I used to buy Playboy and other soft porn for myself-
and it was definitely not for the articles!

I love her hair..nice boobies too.

What a sexy, naughty look... hot

The first Sunday drive for a newly dating couple...

"James...I just don't see your wallet back here.."
"Oh it's back there Cindy... honest...I swear it...just keep looking!"

very artistic it

And I thought my labia got really swollen!! I'm seriously impressed...

Several of her lingerie, I think she's very sexy.
Marked as Iryna Ivanova

Another of her..very nice boobies.

Tons of pics of this girl..obsess much honey?? hmmm???
Folder says "Mrs. Penny Baker"
She does have a nice body... it's nearly flawless.. I would do her too :D)

Another of Penny...I love the lingerie.

Kimberly McArthur...very sexy her boobies!

He has a bazillion pics of Kimberly too... yawn... ;D)

Marked as Lorraine Michaels.  She is so cute... cute outfit too.
And OMG only 5 pics of her. He must not have liked her much!

Yet another obsession of his apparently...Folder says her name is Patricia Farinelli.
She has nice boobs I will give her that.. probably down to her knees by now :D) lol

 I will admit, she does have a great body.
Hard to keep big boobs and be that me, I know!!

Another of his playmate obsessions...Liz Glazowski.  But shockingly he only has a dozen of her. lol
Love the sheer body stocking lingerie! sexy...

Liz again...she looks very hot in this one..
I love the corset/lingerie combo.
And the "oh, please come fuck me" look.

Ok so he has like a thousand centerfold pics, you got it? good...

I am going to move on for now to some other pics.  We'll check back in the centerfold folder later on. knees would be killing me in this position.
I do love how he is spreading her pussy open so wide.
Mmmmm...such a good feeling!

Mmmm... Brings back some nice recent memories for me.
Almost nothing hotter than looking down and seeing another woman looking up as she is licking your pussy!

I know what you are thinking...
Amazing Tile work!! Me too :D)

If his really huge cock was not in her mouth,
she would be smiling right now :D)

Almost forgot this one...Not a big fan of Lindsay Lohan,
But I love how they made her look in this pic.
And she does have sexy and natural boobs.

She is so cute! put her in an elf suit and I would pounce on her! lol

omg you could drive a car through that gap! :D)

Suggested Caption:
"Little did Sally and Jill know it, but instead of arriving on the set for "Creampie Me: Part 6"
they had accidentally shown up for "Night of a Thousand Facials" :P

Ok.... the girl in front is definitely getting the best deal here!

Okay.. schoolgirl outfit..$35
Knee high socks and tennis shoes...$120
Abnormally big pussy and asshole for a girl this thin...priceless

bubble baths rock!
and so does her body :D)

Not sure but looks like Carmen Electra.

More posting in a few days perhaps. Hope you enjoyed this installment. :D)



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  2. ¡Viva la abundancia!

    Un gran saludo.

  3. HOTTT yes i enjoyed a lot Thanks for sharing Jessi

  4. Love the pictures, nice bodies, nice boobs.. wow... makes you wanna do naughty things... ;)

  5. Who in the hell is the white girl getting fucked by the black dude?? So fucking hot I need to know!

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