Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Round 6: more hot pics...

Yet another installment of my continued raiding of his porn collection... so without further ado...here we go!  :D)

I love how she uses the tie to frame her boobs and give this one a seductive, business-like element.

Great location... and she does have nice boobs and
some very seductive lips doesn't she guys? lol

"Service with a smile" lol

She is Lina Posada.
Immaculate body... and I absolutely love the very high-end lingerie she has on!

The nipple jewelry is sexy... I am thinking of piercing mine soon. :D)

You men need a little direction sometimes... lol

I love her hair.

What a devilish look she has...so sexy!

Seductive in every way...her nipples make me want to lick them. :D)

Wow! now that is erotic.

Suggested Caption:

"After giving her boyfriend a sloppy blow job, Dolly Parton's evil twin sister Molly prepares herself for a long night on the town."

She has a very nice tushy for a thin girl.

This one is hot!

Pink anyone?
I love the girl on the left :)

Sexy.. and judging by her nipples, very cold there!

Marked as Marianne Gravatte... a hottie.

Amazing location... one day my husband and I will venture to a spot like this for some erotic photography. 

I know what you are thinking...me too
What horrible earrings! :D)

Psssst honey...This whole alien/tentacle sex thing... is really weird!

I love her lingerie.

Now that's what I call the great outdoors. :D)

See you next time!