Monday, March 25, 2013

Round 7: 2013 Spring Sex !

Here is my latest dive into his collection, along with my usual snarky, yet occasionally serious comments...


Back into his "Centerfold" collection...

Not crazy about the outfit, but she has great boobs :)

She looks sexy and classy in this corset..

She has beautiful eyes...

The next three girls have similar lingerie...

Great boobs and I love the colors

Anna Nicole Smith! Kinda creepy...yea...

Speaking of creepy...

Ok classic lip twist...she is clearly not comfortable with having her pic taken here.
But it is a cute outfit and I have similar boots. :)

A little strange to find these headless girl pics honey.
Is that all we are to you guys, a pair of boobs?? lol
(They are nice I will admit...)

Speaking of boobs...I like hers.
And her slutty little glare...

These cartoon porn pics continue to crack me up

Soft and seductive.. beautiful pussy

Love the lingerie and the seriously-too-tall platform pumps

Ooooh yes..I wanna play too :)


The lingerie is cute :D

Love the pose and her hair.

The Official Motto of the Hotwife...
And we couldn't agree more.

The girl is exotic and sexy...and her boots are AwEsOmE !!

Love her body and neatly trimmed bush..

I find men seem to like me in this position... and I am only happy to help.

Not particularly revealing, but seductive nonetheless...

I have been telling my girlfriends for years

---Two Cocks A Day for Breakfast---

The key to a well-balanced diet.

Still trying to figure out why the stockings and heels in bed thing
makes you guys go so crazy, but I am sticking with it myself. :)

Pretty blond, nice boobs and Daisy Dukes...
What more could you guys want?


  1. I love that you are posting your husbands porn, love the commentary.

    He is obvioulsy a tit man, I like em a little smaller.

    The stockings and on all fours, yeah that is the best view in the world and for god sake keep your high heels on.

    PS, I agree with two cocks a day :)

  2. Can u send some vids

  3. I love the commentary you give on the photos. And the models are all so beautiful.

  4. Very nice pics mmmm and yes I want 2 ckd for bkfast n 2 for dinner!!

  5. Thanks for the nice images mate - sorry that you are gone, maybe you come back updating your blog, until then:
    Nude Selfies Collection